About CVMA® Georgia

The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® – Georgia Inc. was established on August 26, 2007 to promote Veteran’s causes in the state of Georgia. We are a registered, tax-exempt, non-profit War Veterans Organization under the provisions of IRC 501(c) 19. Donations to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® – Georgia Inc. are tax deductible.

Our membership is comprised of Full Members (those with verified combat service) and Support Members (those who have non-combat military service, and have a sincere dedication to helping veterans). Many members continue to serve in our Armed Forces, with several serving in combat areas now.

We sponsor and/or participate in many motorcycle-related charity events each year, and as a non-profit organization, donate to various veteran care facilities and veteran charities.

Our current focus charity is the The Georgia War Veterans Home located in Milledgeville Georgia. The Georgia War Veterans home is a 550-bed facility licensed and certified to provide skilled nursing and domiciliary care to aged and infirm Georgia war veterans. In addition to state and federal funding, the home relies upon veteran’s service organizations, civic and church groups for sponsorship of numerous activities such as movies, games, dance parties, bingo, picnics, and other activities and programs for the general well-being of the veteran patients at the home. 

National Emblem:  
The national emblem of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
® is in the shape of a skull encompassed by the following colors:   Red - representing the blood that has been shed on the battlefield;  Military Gold - representing all branches of the military service of the United States; and Black - representing the heavy hearts felt for those who gave their lives and for those still considered missing in action or prisoners of war.  The skull and ace of spades represent the death that war leaves in its wake. 

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