Our Mission

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® - Georgia Inc. will participate in various fund raising events and sponsor association activities for the benefit of Veterans throughout the State of Georgia. These functions will serve to raise awareness for the plight of POW’s, MIA’s and those veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD). We will actively support venues that promote patriotism and generate support for Veteran’s organizations and issues throughout the state. 

Mission Oriented: Recent Projects & Activities

"The Veteran's Bogart Project"

During "The Veteran’s Bogart Project"  we responded to a veteran living in deplorable conditions. Working with local businesses we were able to clear a lot, provide him with better living conditions, build camaraderie, and exemplify our mission of "Vets Helping Vets". To see more about this project watch the documentary on YouTube-


"Georgia War Veterans Home"

Our chapter has special bond with the Georgia War Veterans Home in Milledgeville, GA. Each year we take the opportunity to deliver Christmas cheer by delivering care packages to our fellow veterans. Additionally, during the year we'll host a bingo game as a means to break-up the monotony often faced in care facilities. We've been blessed to develop relationships with the veterans and know many of them on a first name basis. 

"Barrow County Veterans Resource Center"

CVMA® 25-1 answered the call in 2019 to assist the Barrow County Veterans Resource Center (BCVRC). The BCVRC is a one-stop shop for veterans who need assistance with VA claims, housing, PTSD, employment, and food. Our chapter was able to donate brand new shelving units for the food pantry, install the shelving, and then stock the shelves. In addition to installing the shelves, we were able to stock their freezers with donated hams. The donated hams provided for veterans in need during the 2019 holiday season.   

"Vets Helping Vets"